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Equine Veterinarian in Los Angeles, CA

David Ramey, DVM


  • 35 years of experience in private equine practice

  • Whole-horse care: From routine vaccinations to complex lameness cases to 24/7 emergency calls, Dr. Ramey partners with horse owners and trainers to manage all aspects of each horse's health.

  • Concierge practice: Clients call/text/email Dr. Ramey directly.

  • Evidence based medicine: Treatments are backed by strong scientific evidence of effectiveness.

  • Extensive network of equine professionals: Dr. Ramey's involvement in research, publishing, speaking, and advocacy has led to close relationships with some of the world's top veterinarians, with whom he consults on difficult cases. Dr. Ramey also regularly confers with local, reputable specialists and referral hospitals. 

News & Publications

International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium (IVECCS)

Dr. Ramey prepared a paper, "Use of a Hemostatic Gauze Product to Help Control Bleeding in 20 Horses" to be published in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. Dr. Ramey delivered a presentation at the 25th IVECCS in September, 2019 in Washington, D.C. (Dr. Ramey is a member of the Medical Advisory Board for United Health Products, the manufacturer and marketer of HemoStyp®, a patented hemostatic gauze for the healthcare and wound care sectors ).

September 2019

Horse Illustrated Magazine

Dr. Ramey was consulted for Cynthia McFarland's article, "Regional Parasite Patrol", printed in the April 2019 issue of Horse Illustrated. He is quoted on the deworming needs of horses that are not on pasture.

April 2019

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PO Box 4225

Chatsworth, CA 91313






Emergency Care

Lameness Diagnosis & Treatment

Routine/Preventative Care


Presale Examination

Nutritional Consultation


Case Review/Consultation

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