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Lameness Locator®


Dr. Ramey provides state-of-the art on-site lameness diagnosis and treatment, using the latest equipment available to the equine ambulatory practitioner, including ultrasound, radiography, and the Lameness Locator® by  Equinosis.


The Lameness Locator® objectively detects and quantifies body movement asymmetry in the horse. It can detect lameness when the eye cannot. It is a powerful tool in the following situations:

  • When a horse fails to respond to treatment because an area causing lameness has not been identified 

  • When lameness location is unknown (horse feels off to the rider, but looks sound)

  • Multi-limb lameness

  • Pre-purchase exam, to help rule out unobserved lameness     


How does it work? Dr. Ramey mounts small, wireless inertial sensors on the horse. When the horse is trotting, the  sensors transmit data to a PC. The resulting analysis indicates:

  1. Whether the horse is lame

  2. The strength of the evidence indicating lameness

  3. The limb or limbs involved

  4. The part of the stride cycle at which peak pain is occurring (swing phase or support phase)


The analysis is invaluable when creating treatment plans for lameness. Follow-up examinations with the system yield objective analysis of the treatment's effectiveness.  


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