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Time to let folks in on a trade secret: horses are horses, and less is often more. Performance horses don't need most of what they get, but they definitely would benefit from a good scratch.

When it comes to treating your horse – for anything – you're going to get lots and lots (and lots) of advice. Here are four questions that you can ask before you take out your checkbook (and maybe you won't want to, depending on the answers).

Buying a horse is a daunting experience. Here are seven rules that people can follow in order to avoid becoming prisoners of the process. Money talks, and the buyer is the one who has it. Spend wisely.

Dr. Ramey had the winning bid on an old veterinary case in the 2013 Harrisburg, PA Wild West Auction. His research of the contents revealed lots of interesting bits and pieces about horses, Colorado, and veterinary medicine. What was life like for the Cripple Creek horse doctor 150 years ago?


David Ramey, DVM has been blogging weekly since 2011, and his site,, welcomes an average of 45,000 unique visitors monthly (Feb '16 - Feb '17). attracts horse people who want to be both excellent caretakers for their horses and savvy consumers who drive honest industry practices. Article topics include science-based equine medicine, horse care, horses in history, and veterinary news.


"My blog is a 'neutral ground' where horse owners can find opinions and information outside of salespeople (and prescribers), advertisements, and sponsored publications. With reliable, scientific information, I hope to empower horse owners to make good decisions, so that they can hold the equine industry to high ethical standards."

–David Ramey, DVM


A sampling of Dr. Ramey's articles:

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