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Dr. Ramey is based in Chatsworth, California and operates in a wide area of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Dr. Ramey provides a full array of ambulatory (mobile) services, and he regularly confers with local, reputable specialists and referral hospitals if further treatment is required.
Medicine & Surgery


In regularly scheduled visits and 24/7 emergency calls, Dr. Ramey partners with you to manage all aspects of your horse's health.


  • Nutritional consultation

  • Surgery: Wound care, castration, and standing field procedures

  • Diagnostics: Laboratory testing, upper airway endoscopy 

  • Dermatology

  • Ophthalmology

Preventative Medicine


Your horse should be seen at least twice a year for vaccinations, dental checkups and procedures, fecal testing/deworming, and a general health exam.


A routine wellness visit is also a great time to have your questions answered in-person.

Lameness Evaluations


Dr. Ramey offers a combination of extensive experience and modern diagnostic tools, including ultrasound and digital radiography (X-rays).


For obscure cases, Dr. Ramey localizes and diagnoses lameness using the Lameness Locator®, a digital tool that employs motion sensors placed on the horse.

Concierge Care

Dr. Ramey is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your horse has an emergency—or even if you are just a little worried—it is worth a call to Dr. Ramey. Horse owners and trainers are encouraged to reach out to him at any time for phone/email consultations on general care.


There are no additional call fees for appointments scheduled on the weekend.


You are not required to be an existing client for emergency calls. The health of the horse always comes first.

Pre-sale Examinations

Your expectations of a potential new horse will determine the level of involvement required for the pre-purchase exam. Dr. Ramey's exams range from a general wellness checks to involved screenings—which could include radiographs, ultrasounds, the Lameness Locator®, and blood work.


Additional Services

  • Case review/consultation: Dr. Ramey is available to assist in management of cases, provide a second opinion, or suggest referral options.

  • Shipping/showing administration: Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ramey at least one week in advance of your shipping date for the necessary exams, paper work, and blood tests (Coggins).

  • Microchipping

  • Show staffing: Dr. Ramey is an FEI registered Treating Veterinarian

  • Reproduction: Fertility evaluations, breeding with semen (cooled or frozen), pregnancy examinations

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