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I.S.E.L.P. Short Course on the Carpus and Metacarpus

April 1, 2016


Dr. Ramey attended the 1-Day Talk and Wet Lab on ultrasound of the hind suspensory ligament region at Chino Valley Equine Hospital, Chino, CA. Hind suspensory injuries can be troubling to manage, and a good diagnosis is essential before proceeding with any treatment. It's a particularly tricky area to ultrasound, and the seminar, led by Dr. Kurt Selburg of the University of Georgia, was a great, hands-on way to keep skills fresh.

Integration into Multi-Agency Emergency Equine Rescue and Disaster Response

March 5, 2016


Dr. Ramey attended a course facilitated by the International Animal Welfare Training Institute (IAWTI) in Petaluma, CA. Drs. John Madigan, Eric Davis, and Claudia Sonder from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine instructed veterinarians on how to integrate with local emergency personnel to handle large animal emergencies and disasters and provided hands-on training in special equipment use and proper sedation and mobilization of down or injured horses.

The Real Cost of Horse Ownership – Annual Alberta Horse Conference

January 16, 2016


Dr. Ramey was invited to speak at the Annual Conference of the Horse Industry Association of Alberta, held in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He spoke about the "real" cost of horse ownership and things horse owners can do and questions they can ask to help keep those costs down. Thank you to the session's sponsor, Alberta Veterinary Laboratories

Care of the Shelter Horse – LA County Department of Animal Care and Control

January 10, 2016


Dr. Ramey trained shelter veterinarians and veterinary technicians in a program for the benefit of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. The 2-day course (1 day of lecture, 1 day of wet lab) covered a variety of topics pertaining to equine care, medicine, and handling. Many thanks to Jim Bennett and Bennett Farms for allowing the use of their horses

Equestrian Quarterly – High-Performance Care?

December, 2015


The lifestyle magazine, Equestrian Quarerly (now Equestrian Living), published Dr. Ramey's interview with show jumper Richard Spooner in its Winter 2015 issue.

International Animal Welfare Training Institute (IAWTI) – Affiliation

December, 2015


Dr. Ramey has been named an Affiliate of the International Animal Welfare Training Institute. The institute's mission is to "facilitate training, education and dialogue for animal welfare by bringing together veterinarians, animal scientists, emergency first responders and other stakeholders to improve animal wellbeing."

AAEP 61st Annual Convention – Business Ethics Table Topic

December 7, 2015


Dr. Amy L. Grice and Dr. Ramey facilitated an afternoon table topic session on business ethics at the American Association of Equine Practitioners conference in Las Vegas, NV. The well attended session provided attendees a venue to discuss ethical concerns faced by equine veterinarians and to hold an engaging discourse on business ethics case studies.

Equine Training – LA County Department of Animal Care and Control

September/October, 2015


Dr. Ramey trained animal welfare professionals and volunteers in a program for the benefit of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. The 3-day course (2 days of lecture, 1 day of wet lab) covered a variety of topics pertaining to equine husbandry, welfare, and handling.

Veterinary Practice News – Monthly Equine Column

September, 2015


Dr. Ramey wrote the article, "How to Feed Horses with Metabolic Challenges", printed in the Veterinary Practice News September 2015 issue of Veterinary Practice News. He will be writing a monthly column on equine conditions.

Barrel Horse News – Avoiding Navicular Disease

August, 2015


Dr. Ramey was consulted for Bridget Kirkwood's article, "Avoiding Navicular Disease", printed in Barrel Horse News magazine's August 2015 issue. In it, Dr. Ramey defines the condition, discusses the difficulty with diagnosing navicular, and reviews treatment options.

I.S.E.L.P. Foot and Pastern Seminar

April 10, 2015


Dr. Ramey attended the Hands On 1-Day Talk and Wet Lab on the Equine Foot and Pastern at Chino Valley Equine Hospital, Chino, CA. From thorough lectures, to working one-on-one with course instructors, Dr. Ramey learned more about proper imaging technique of the soft tissues of the foot and pastern.  He's excited to apply the latest knowledge in diagnostics to assist in management of conditions that originate in the areas that are the most common causes of equine lameness.

Animal Care Conference 2015 – Large Animal Abuse Recognition

March 7, 2015


The Animal Care Conference is a program for animal welfare professionals, organized by the California Animal Control Directors Association (CACDA), the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), and the State Humane Association of California (SHAC). Dr. Ramey gave a demonstration and two talks, "Body Condition Score: Advantages and Disadvantages” and “What is a Welfare Problem and What Might Just Look Like One?”, at the UC Davis Center for Equine Health.

Equine Veterinary Education – Ethics

December, 2014


As a member of the AAEP Professional Conduct and Ethics Committee, Dr. Ramey was a guest columnist for "AAEPNEWS" in the journal, Equine Veterinary Education. The article, "Ethics: Navigating Conflicts of Interest and Competing Interests," is printed in the December 2014 edition.

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science – Extremely Dilute Hypochlorous Acid Solutions

December 9, 2014


Dr. Ramey and Dr. Hailu Kinde's paper, "Commercial and Homemade Extremely Dilute Hypochlorous Acid Solutions are Bactericidal against S. aureus and E. coli in vitro", has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. Highlights of the paper include:

  • A homemade solution works as well as a commercial solution, at much lower cost

  • Homemade solutions are easily prepared, and stable

AAEP 2014/2015 Committees

December 7, 2014


Dr. Ramey has been appointed vice-chairman of the Leadership Development Committee of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP). In addition, he was asked to serve on the Professional Conduct and Ethics Committee and the Educational Program Committee.

RCVS Knowldge – Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Network 2014 Conference

October 23, 2014

Dr. Ramey was invited to speak at the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Network conference sponsored by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), in Windsor, Berkshire, UK. He gave two talks – one on ethics, and the other on the true history of acupuncture.



AAEP Ask the Vet – Parasites

August 31, 2014

Every month, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) "Ask the Vet" program features an expert veterinarian answering questions about a single topic. Dr. Ramey responded to questions about internal and external parasites for the August, 2014 edition.

The Horse – Breaking Down Ethics and Equine Medicine

May 15, 2014


Nancy Loving of The Horse summarized Dr. Ramey's ethics presentation from the AAEP convention in December 2013.

Slate – Alternative Medicine for Pets

May 5, 2014


For this critical examination of animal acupuncture, Brian Palmer, Slate's "chief explainer" interviewed Dr. Ramey and Dr. Brennan McKenzie, president of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association.

AAEP 59th Annual Convention – Ethics in Equine Medicine

December 8, 2013


Dr. Ramey conducted an afternoon session on ethics at the American Association of Equine Practitioners conference in Nashville, TN. He presented his paper, "Ethics and Equine Medicine: Opportunity, Curse, or Pipedream" and shared the podium with Dr. James DuBois, the Director of the Center for Clinical Research Ethics at Washington University School of Medicine and Dr. Bernard Rollin, professor of philosophy, animal sciences, and biomedical sciences at Colorado State University.

The Chronicle of the Horse – Ice Down To Ride On

September 9, 2013


In the September, 2013 "Treating Equine Athletes" issue of The Chronicle Of The Horse, Dr. Ramey assisted writer Jennifer M. Keeler, providing commentary about cold therapy.

ABC News – Pet Acupuncture: Treating Animals With Human Therapies

February 7, 2013


Dr. Ramey played the role of the skeptic on Nightline when interviewed about pet acupuncture.

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